Business Cards

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run or what type of job you do, a business card can do wonders for you. Yes, the entrepreneurial world might be dominated by digital technology these days, but there is still value for the very humble business card.
In fact, business cards have been in existence as far back as the 17th century. They served their purpose as a way to advertise the trade of a person and provide a map to their place of business back then, and they are still used for this purpose up to this day.
However, business cards have dramatically changed since then. Before, a simple one detailing your name, place of business, and contact numbers would suffice. But these days, business cards have turned into something of an art. Today, it’s not uncommon to see business cards with flashy designs in the front and the information at the back. Or, sometimes, the text is also included in the visually appealing front.
Not only have business cards been improving in the visual aspect, but they have also transformed into unconventional items. A normal business card will have a rectangular shape, but others have upped their creativity and turned the business card into something creative. Some cards even come in shapes other than a rectangle. Yes, there are now business cards that come in circles and other shapes. However, there still remains an avenue for those who like their business cards in the standard size so they can fit into a wallet or purse.
In the past, a simple white card with black text was the norm. However, these days, a business card now includes a company logo in full color. Not just that, the text can also be printed in a variety of colors. Sometimes, even the company’s slogan makes it into a business card.
No matter how a business card is shaped or sized, one thing remains the same: it is a good tool for advertising your business and what you do.
The Benefits of Business Cards
It doesn’t matter if you work home based or own a large shop, a business card will help raise your brands’ awareness. Here are some of the benefits you get with a business card:
It promotes your business to people. A business card these days always comes with the logo of a company. Since a lot of people associate names and people through visuals, it helps to have your logo really stand out. People who want to recommend your services to others will pass around your business card too thereby increasing the awareness generated surrounding your company.
It increases your credibility. With a business card, you’re showing existing and potential clients that you really mean business. You are giving them different ways on how to get in touch with you should they need your services. In your business card, you are putting every possible professional contact detail – email address, office phone, office email, etc – so that the person you gave it to can try different mediums in reaching you. Depending on your budget, you can even have a business card created that includes both your professional and personal contact details. Or, you can leave the back of a business card empty so you can scribble your personal contact details.
You can also provide each of your employees with their own personalized cards so they can hand those out to potential clients who want to acquire the services of your company.
It is convenient. A business card is not large. A person you just met won’t scramble to find a place where to store it. A business card is small enough to fit into a wallet. In case a wallet is not available, a business card fits just right into a pocket.
Above all things, having a business card makes you look professional. It is also a good tool for networking. It would be very impressive if you present a business card when a conversation ends with “So, how do I get in touch with you?”
How to Make Use of Business Cards
Give away during gatherings. When gathering with like-minded individuals, it helps to have a business card on hand. You never know that the simple conversation you struck with a stranger can lead to better opportunities. For example, if you own your own painting business, you can hand out your card to a homeowner who is thinking about having her home repainted.
Give away during exhibitions, etc. Exhibitions are attended by a lot of people. If they like the information you presented in your booth, they might want to know more about you or might want to do business with you real soon. You can lead them to a stack of business cards on the table in your exhibition booth so they can reach you when the time comes when they are in need of your services. For example, a baker can get a potential business contact by getting a booth, displaying pictures of her work, and bringing actual samples of what she baked, and having a business card on hand should anyone want to order from her.
Leave in your office for taking. Whether you’re a real estate agent or doctor, it helps to give your clients a means of getting in touch with you again. One of the simplest ways to do this is by dedicating one small portion of your desks for your business card stack. Clients can just take them or you can easily reach for one to hand to a client.
Place on public bulletin boards. You can place one or several on public bulletin boards for the taking. A lot of people glance at boards to look for information, and it certainly helps if they find that someone offering services they are looking for has made their contact information available. You can call it as a way of local marketing where you leave cards at boards that are within the vicinity of your business. This way, they are aware that there is a business that caters to their needs located just nearby. To make the card even more useful, you can print a small map to show the location of your business.
Boost your online presence. A merging of online and offline strategies is essential in marketing your business. And a business card is a simple way to let people know about the different spaces on the web you occupy. Your business card is no longer a place for just your usual contact details. Now, you can include links to your website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, Pinterest page, and others.
A business card still offers value even in this age of digital dominance. If you ever need business card printing services, we here at Silverton Print have the solutions for you! So, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Common Configurations (Other Configurations Available)

Size: 3.5” X 2”
Paper Stock: 14pt & 16pt C2S, 14pt Uncoated Cover, 100# White linen cover
Ink Colors: Full Color, B & W
Printing: Single or Double sided
Options: UV gloss coating, Rounded corners


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