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Standard mailing envelopes: #10 Window or Windowless
Paper Stock: 70# Uncoated smooth text
Ink Colors: Full color, B & W

In this day and age when marketing efforts focus on digital channels — social media sites, online videos, mobile apps, etc — traditional marketing tools are suddenly fading into the background. What businesses of today don’t know, however, is that print remains an effective material when promoting products or services. When used the right way, it can still yield to favorable results.

If there’s one area that seriously needs to be revived, direct mail marketing would be it. This refers to a process of presenting prospective customers of promotions or tailored offerings via post or the so-called snail mail.

But because people are now sick and tired of marketing materials constantly being pushed their way, direct mails tend to end up in the bin or underneath a pile of other mails. For this reason, marketers must find ways to ensure that the envelopes sent will be opened immediately. In short, they must push the envelope to get their message across.


First, targeted prospects must be chosen wisely. If people don’t want to waste time opening direct mail, you don’t want to waste as much time sending mails to the wrong individuals either. Ideally, the mails must land in the hands of persons who want or are likely to do business with you. Think of the envelope as the last straw that will push prospective clients to buy your products or hire the services you are offering.

To this end, choose recipients base on their age, buying pattern, income, profession and location among others. Once you’ve created a list of prospects, you can then develop a marketing pitch or promos that are tailored to them.

Second, make an effort to carefully think about the design of the envelope. This means, you can’t just use any ordinary envelope, but one that relates to your brand or company image. Why bother? Remember your ultimate goal — to get the envelopes opened immediately. If they look like ordinary mails or something similar to those used in bills or statements of account, you can bet they’ll be discarded without second thoughts.

There are two design strategies that you can employ.

Arouse Curiosity
Curiosity is one of the strongest human emotions you must tap, so you can deliver marketing pitches and entice people to buy or hire something. This type of strategy is often used across the advertising board, including direct mail marketing. But how can a business arouse curiosity through envelopes? This is where a great design and professional printing come to play. Silverton printing offers full color printing of envelopes that are sure to make recipients interested. Moreover, you can choose from multiple sizes of envelopes, giving you flexible options.

Positive Recognition
This is a strategy where consumers will open the mail because it comes from your company. They recognize the business name and address, which is why they can’t wait to rip it open. To develop positive recognition, however, you must establish a relationship with prospective clients. This means, you’ll have to double your efforts on customer service to gain trust and loyalty. When this happens, it will be easier to push whatever promotions or sales ideas you have in mind.

Between the two strategies, the former is probably the most challenging to accomplish. This is because once you arouse curiosity; it will be easier to win a client’s business. So how do you make envelopes enticing enough for people to open them?

Make them stand out from the rest. This can be done by printing on both sides of the envelopes with relevant text or images. You can add images of a particular product, coupon codes or have testimonials printed.

Ensure they don’t look like junk. If envelopes look like junk mail, they’ll definitely find their way to the junk bin. One thing you can do is to use special edition postal stamps rather than bulk rate stamps. Doing so will make any recipients feel special, considering that you’ve spend a substantial amount on postage alone.

Use unique envelopes. If you order envelopes from Silverton Printing, you can choose multiple sizes, allowing you to send something less ordinary; more so, if full color printing is used. What’s even better is that the company also offers green paper options. If your business promotes environmental awareness, sending green envelopes would be in keeping with your company’s advocacy.

Choose colored over plain. These days, plain vanilla ice cream is no longer as desirable. People often prefer several toppings to add color, variety and taste. In the same sense, you should use colored envelopes. Still, choose a shade that is appropriate to the product or services being pushed. Traditional choices are blue and red, but vivid shades such as yellow, pink and orange, would work as well.

There are exceptions, however. When offering sports equipment or computer software, for instance, you have the freedom to go crazy over the color of the envelopes. You can also stick to the usual white envelope, but only add a first class stamp and nothing else. Experts believe that this strategy is sure to arouse curiosity.

Put in a lump or two. If you receive a mail that is heavy or feels to have something inside it other than a piece of paper, you’d be dying to rip it open, right? Therefore, if you want direct mail to be opened the moment it arrives, include a free giveaway like a pen, notepad and other freebies. Adding a CD is typical when promoting computer software or something similar. Experts say that prospective clients are sure to want to take a peek inside a slightly bulky envelope or package.

When adding freebies, make sure to use a specific type of envelope such as one that will be able to protect the content during transit or when it is being handled at the post office. Padded envelopes are highly recommended when adding items that may be crushed or damaged.

Write the address by hand. Experts believe that prospective clients are likely to open mails that have a handwritten address. So, even if it’s time-consuming, make an effort to write the address by hand, even if everything else is computer-printed.

Using the information listed above, you can use envelopes to your advantage and to further your direct mail marketing efforts.

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