Common Configurations (Other Configurations Available)

Size: 4.25” X 5.5”, 5.5” X 8.5”, 8.5” X 11”, 11” X 17”
Paper Stock: 70# Offset, 80# Gloss Text, 100# Gloss Text
Ink Colors: Full Color
Printing: Single or Double sided


If you’re looking for a medium where you can be a little more detailed about what you have to offer, you can never go wrong with a brochure or a flyer. Brochures are one page materials but come in different folding options: tri-fold, half-fold, Z-fold, and more. Flyers, on the other hand, are single page promotional materials.

As a business, both of these items provide great value for marketing. They offer a great platform for packing a lot of information about your company into a small piece of paper.

Whether you run a crafts store or a work as a dentist by profession, you will find value with brochures and flyers. For example, as a dentist, you want customers to know about you and your services. With a brochure, you can put every information you want your clients to know. Depending on your budget, you might have different brochures in your clinic that patients can freely take. Here are some of the information you can hand out:

A question and answer about good oral health care. You can have a Q & A type information presented in a brochure so that clients have a copy of the best way they can care for their teeth.

A brochure detailing information about you and your services. Patients want to know about you, especially your credentials. They always want to know whether they can rely on your services, and might even consider you as their dentist of choice. But in order to do that, they need to know more about you. In your brochure, you can list down your educational credentials, your accomplishments, seminars you’ve attended, etc. Basically, anything that lets your patients know that you are a capable dentist. Along with that, you can list down every service you provide as well as brief descriptions about each.

An informational brochure. You can hand out a brochure about common oral problems and how to remedy them. People want to get information from trusted sources, and where better to get it than from a certified practitioner?

As you can see, a brochure can be a helpful tool in getting the right information to the right people. And when it does, you are gradually increasing your brand’s awareness that would soon result in more clients for your business.

What You Get from Marketing with Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers aren’t just fancy paper with text and pictures. They are beneficial tools for any company’s marketing strategy for the following reasons:

You gain credibility. These days, it’s pretty simple to have a business card printed out and call yourself a legitimate business. However, people want to know more about you other than your address and contact information. They want to know how you started out, how you achieved success, and so on. And one of the best platforms for relaying this information is a brochure or flyer.

You spread awareness about your brand. Flyers can be distributed anywhere and brochures can be passed on from one person to another. Through all these actions, you are generating attention for your business. This is why you should really spend time detailing what should go into your brochure or flyer so that it is both useful and informative.

It helps you save time. If you run a direct marketing campaign, having a brochure helps save a whole lot of time. How so? With brochures, you can just insert them into the envelope you’re about to send to your clients without personalizing them. The personalization part already comes with the envelope, so when you want to give your clients brochures about what’s new with your business, you just need to stick it into the envelope and mail away.

It offers various ways to present information. A brochure can be folded in different ways. Each type of fold benefits different kinds of information presentation. You can design each section accordingly depending on what type of information you want to present. You can use a combination of text and photographs for full effect. For flyers, you’re free to use a combination of text and photo to present your message the best way possible.

How to Make Use of Brochures and Flyers

There are lots of ways to make use of brochures and flyers and here are some of them:

Provide vital information for your clients. You can use brochures to detail information about your services. For example, if you run party planning business, you can list down everything that you provide for your clients. Beside each service, you can provide a brief description. This gives clients, even potential ones, a descriptive overview of what you are able to do for them.

If you run a travel agency, you can put in information about different packages that you offer and leave this in your office for clients to pick up and read or take home with them. Everything that is useful from rates, inclusions, and information about the tourist destinations they can head to can be put into the brochure.

Provide information about yourself. Whether you work as an accountant or legal counsel, a brochure provides lots of help in letting people know about what you can do. In it, you can detail your educational achievements, as well as the awards that you have received while still in school. If you have ever won awards as a professional, it helps to list these down as well. You can place these brochures in your office or distribute them in conferences where you’re invited to speak.

Drive traffic to your website or boost your social profiles. You can use a flyer to invite people to check out your website. Other than that, you can also include the complete addresses of all your social media profiles. Through this, you can gain additional online exposure.

Provide announcements. Whether you want to announce a sale in your shop or a book signing in your bookstore, you can print information out on flyers and distribute these to different people or put them up in public bulletin boards.

If you are interested in spreading awareness about your brad through brochures or flyers, choose us as your printing service! We provide a range of folding, paper, and coating options so that your message can be clearly distributed to its intended audience. We also have a range of turnaround times so that we can deliver your materials when you need it most.

For more information about our brochure and flyer printing services, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to entertain any questions you might have!

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